Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There and Back Again, A Baby's Tale

Hi! I'm Nels,the baby.
Nels - 070111

We went on a long road trip. To a place called Oregon? Never heard of it. It was all so overwhelming. I couldn't even walk around the entirety of this park we stopped at.

Our vacation was busy and I saw lots of people, more than I can count. I told my brother to go introduce me to some of the local ladies but he kept getting distracted by people in cars throwing small colorful rocks at us.

We saw some animals, too. These tried to throw small colorless rocks at me. I didn't care for them.
Feeding Goats

Mom says I met lots of friends and relatives but all I remember was a bunch of people with too many teeth. They sure were funny. You should have seen them all.

I had an enjoyable time but now I'm home and can enjoy pondering my adventure.
Nels - JulyBackyard

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