Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My New Knife Set-Up

My mom has a magnetic strip for her knives.  And I envied it until I got my own!  Well, until I realized it didn't fit on my cabinet.

I figured it would fit if I cut a chunk of the cabinet out.  A genius idea really.  An idea that has home improvement enthusiasts shouting from the roof tops.  Never mind what they are shouting about...

Well, that didn't really go as planned but I learned an important lesson:  A Dremel can fill your kitchen with smoke.  I added extra wood to the left side of the magnetic strip so it would sit even over the offending cabinet lip.

And it worked! Yay for more counter space.


  1. My mom has one of those strips. They are nice! :) Plus it puts them further out of reach of little hands that know how to use a stool/chair. :)