Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to Speech

Guy had a month off speech therapy but he starts again tomorrow!  I'd like to say he's made huge improvements in the past month at home.  But really I have no idea because I don't understand half the stuff he says.  Right now he's yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!"  I get that.  But the "I wa la pee in!!!!" took me awhile.  He wants to paint.  Dang Dora, the siren, and her computer games.

Anyway, we made Guy's speech therapist a card to give her tomorrow since Guy likes her so much.  He decorated the inside of the card.  He drew "Baby Nel" aka Nels.  This was attempt 2.  The first drawing was of a banana in a trash can.  He was putting his I-don't-like-mom-for-not-letting-me-eat-a-banana-out-of -the-trash angst on paper.

I decorated the outside of the card since I didn't want to use the banana drawing.

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