Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Play-Dough

Guy did not want to leave Speech Therapy yesterday because he wasn't done playing with the Play-Doh. So he made his own at home.

1C Flour
1/2C Salt
1T Cream of Tartar
1C Water
1/2T Oil
Food Coloring (Guy used lots of yellow and a little blue)
*Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until stiff. Let cool and knead. Store covered.

Guy was such a big helper but while it was cooking on the stove top he kept asking for a turn to stir. He was being so sweet and polite and I still had to say no :(
Guy Making Play-Dough

He played with his Play-Dough for hours. And you can tell by the table how much fun he had. He is usually a pretty big neat freak.
Guy Playing w/ Play-Dough

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Comparing 2-Month Old Babes

Nels - The Guns
Nels - 2 months
12lb 4oz (It's all muscle!)
24 3/4"

Lucy - The Pretty Face
Lucy - 2 months
11lb 13oz
24" (Our Shortie)

Guy - The ArtistGuy - 2 Months
11lb 9oz (Our String Bean)
24 3/4"

Monday, June 27, 2011


Guy was sad so I told him to give me a happy face...
Happy Guy
I think he's smiling through the anger?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just A Good Memory

One time when I took Guy and Lucy to the library some girls wanted to put on a puppet show. The girls rounded up all the little kids in the library to watch their show. Ten seconds into it all the the kids got up and left except for Lucy. Lucy sat alone and politely watched the whole show. That's how cool she was.

From that day, October 20, 2010.

I Did It! I Canned!

I've been wanting to can for years but was too scared because it involves boiling water which is very dangerous for crabs. So I thought I'd can one jar of strawberry jam to see how it went.

My recipe. My set up:

My jam!

I think I had a successful jamming experience. Except I ruined my potato masher by poking at it with a knife. I never claimed to be a genius. You know I might have ruined my knife too... Let's just pretend those things were already broken.

Who Designs This Stuff?

This is Nels.
He may look goofy to you but it's just his pajamas playing a trick on you.
His pajamas looks like a baseball theme, right? Then WHY is there a picture of a monkey on them? And WHY does it say "HANDSOME" next to that hairy chump?

The person who designed this has no idea what baseball is all about. Well, I do. It's about being bored and fantasizing about having a handsome pet monkey.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Not Snowing - Let's Plant!

I was going to pass on the gardening this year but Guy needs to learn how to get his hands dirty.  Serious.  He is obsessed with washing his hands.

Guy shows Nels how to plant a pumpkin.

Time to water!  Hey, Nels, you watching?  NO?!

Oh, you're being threatened by a chicken?

Turns out they aren't after you, Nels!  Just your blanket.  The color red tastes the best.

I said red tastes best!  Not yellow!  Grow some ears, you stupid chickens!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Humor in Postage Stamps

I like to match postage stamps to the letter recipient.  I'm not a philatelist or anything, I just like to waste time.

Today I goofed.  I just put this stamp on a letter to my 88 year old grandmother. 
I hope she doesn't notice. 

Bacon Cookies

I saw this recipe in the June issue of the Food Network magazine, but the recipe is here.

Bacon Cookies

The recipe makes for 12 monstrous cookies.  I ate one.  Guy ate one.  We would have ate more but that would have made us hogs. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Designer

Guy has gotten into decorating.

He decorates walls...
Guy's Decor

and mom...
My Necklace
(photo by Guy)

Decorations curiosity of:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Troublemaker for Hire

When Guy has no job, he makes trouble.

Cutting his hair...  it is getting hippie-ish.
Cutting Hair

Making a snack.  There was no parental assistance involved in this one.
Making Snack

So, I had no choice but to put him to work...
Washing Car

And lucky for me he got half of this pesky tire that was bothering me with all of it's dirtiness.
Clean Tire

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Good Excuses Not to Blog

1. Kids.  Especially of the computer-hogging variety.

2. Religious Activities.  Like your son's Baptism.
Nels Baptism

3. Bad Decisions.  Like going to a super depressing grief support group that makes you sad for days.  Which would be easier to get over if there were more pictures of buffaloes wearing hats available for my viewing pleasure.

4. Good Weather.
Tough Nels

5. Volunteer Work.  (I'm the one with the boring hair.)
Guy & Clown

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Like Frozen Yogurt

We had frozen yogurt for lunch.  Because, well, it's yogurt.  And... uh... I wanted to make sure we were hungry to eat lots of it.
U-Swirl Guy

The sugar I ate is already affecting Nels.
Smiley Nels

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to Speech

Guy had a month off speech therapy but he starts again tomorrow!  I'd like to say he's made huge improvements in the past month at home.  But really I have no idea because I don't understand half the stuff he says.  Right now he's yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!"  I get that.  But the "I wa la pee in!!!!" took me awhile.  He wants to paint.  Dang Dora, the siren, and her computer games.

Anyway, we made Guy's speech therapist a card to give her tomorrow since Guy likes her so much.  He decorated the inside of the card.  He drew "Baby Nel" aka Nels.  This was attempt 2.  The first drawing was of a banana in a trash can.  He was putting his I-don't-like-mom-for-not-letting-me-eat-a-banana-out-of -the-trash angst on paper.

I decorated the outside of the card since I didn't want to use the banana drawing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gooseville, A Lucy Garden

This was the week of Lucy's birthday (June 2nd).  Seems like most people say the birthday isn't that hard it's the days leading up the birthday.  I agree.  So it's been a difficult week but it's looking up.

For Lucy's birthday I wanted to put in a garden.  Unfortunately, it's still snowing here.  So I just made a tiny garden so we're not going to be left with too many frozen, wilted plants.

I used a cute wheel barrow planter.  No reason, I just liked it.

Gooseville, named after the little Lucy Goose.