Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vanilla Extract

 I found a neat blog post on making vanilla extract.  So, I made some.

The goods - vodka and 16 vanilla beans.  The above blog instructions told me to use 20 beans for my size of vodka container, but King Arthur Flour told me to use three beans.  Uh....  I used 16 because it was an easy, affordable amount to buy on (Less than $1/bean).  King Arthur Flour charges $5/bean.  Maybe those are better beans so you can use less.  I have no idea.
Vanilla Ingr. (

I slit each bean with a paring knife and shoved them in the jar.  Vodka spilled everywhere but I cleaned it up with a Spiderman napkin.  Thanks, Spidey!  Now I wait. Six months or so.  The bottle should be good and dusty by then.
Vanilla Extract

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  1. Now that is gonna be ALOT of vanilla extract! LOL