Monday, May 30, 2011

Guy's Gal, Dora

We went to the fabric store last week and Guy found Dora fabric he NEEDED.  So we decided to make a pillowcase.  While I was trying to compare the print to other fabrics he was just yelling "MY DORA!  MY DORA!"  And even after the yelling, I still got him the darn fabric.

Doing some minor trimming!
(And mom made the major mistake of laughing and he took off crying.  He was just so cute when he got frustrated.  I wasn't trying to be mean!)

Back on track...trying it on the pillow!

There she is!  There's "his Dora."  I forgot to look at the direction of the print in the store.  Lesson learned.  It will make for a great sack-hopping race bag, though.

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