Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I took the little Guyster to Sacramento last week.  He had a nice drive there since Dairy Queen kids meals come with ice cream.  And you have to eat your ice cream first or it'll melt.  Plus he had the movie player and the drive there is 1 movie length long.

 Our first stop was the kids' consignment store for new toys for the hotel.  He picked out some blocks he calls "tiny houses".

 We went to a pizza buffet/arcade place for dinner.  Guy wouldn't eat because he wanted to go to the arcade.  Thank goodness for ice cream!  I got him to eat that.

Guy says this is the best game there.  Too bad mom didn't let him play it.

Guy thought there were better rides out there but mom is once again mean and made him ride this one.  Height requirement stuff, you know.

Guy punches some ducks...
...because these games teach good life lessons.

He was trying to steer the communist missile into a duck, I swear!

Guy was so bad at this game the only thing he got close to hitting with his basketball was a monkey.

Our only argument during the whole trip was over leaving the arcade.  I won!  When we got to our hotel he was so tired he forget that we had to share a bed.

The next day we went to the zoo with some pals.  Guy says the monkeys and the snakes were the best.

We went to Fairytale Town too!
His friends are as cheesy as him.

Guy slept on the way home.
 When we got home he had to re-account for his Fairytale Town trip.  Most of it was thankfully done over the phone to his dad because I didn't understand any of it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Cheap Date

Popcorn: $0.59
Watching Cars Get Washed: Free

The Best Ride Ever: $1
Telling Mom All About It For Hours: Free, minus the Tylenol she has to take.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Miss Lucy 6/2/09-2/8/11

If you read this you probably know my daughter, Lucy, passed away last month.  I figured it would be good to post stuff for something to do.

Wasn't ready for bath time to be over...
Following 4 pictures are by Guy.

The last pictures I have.  Getting their Valentine presents early.

This video is from December.  Before we went to cut down our Christmas tree I made her try on her snow gear in the backyard to make sure she could walk in them.  I like this video because she says "Bye", "Uh-Oh", and "Woof!"

Here's her room in video.  It's long and boring but I thought I might want to watch it later.