Friday, January 14, 2011

The Blue Goo

(Not wake up in the middle of the night worthy, just wake up in the morning thinking that you might have had a weird dream sometime during the night worthy.)
The kid's got some H2Goo for Christmas.  I was putting off using it because it looked messy and frightening but Lucy bit a hole in the bag...the bag of crystals that turn to goo when mixed with water.  I knew it was Lucy because she was the one walking around spitting blue goo all over the place.

Anyway, you are suppose to put this stuff in the bathtub and let the kids slosh through it.  I feared they would be scared of it so we put it in a big bin instead.  Which worked out well because they refused to touch it with their hands.  But they had no problem dumping it on each others heads.  So it would only have worked in the tub if they were doing head stands (with no hands) and they aren't trained in circus acts just yet.  But Lucy's hair smells exceptionally good today and I think this stuff may be to blame.

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