Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Goal #2: Getting behind...

Lucy's pages are done, minus text.  Need to go through and see what I can remember to write about.  Here's some of my favorite pages (still have no idea how to photograph paper).

First Birthday pages and Christmas pages (I made the Christmas pages last weekend at a rubber stamping workshop.)

I have 4 layouts to do for Guy and I'll be done!  Minus the writing...  5 days left of January!

January Goal #3: COMPLETE

Goal #3: Organize Craft Area

Two areas: bookshelf and drawers.

Got rid of the dresser thingy, got rid of tons of stuff.  Moved all the messy stuff to the top shelves.  Should mean I have less things to clean!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I Want To Make

This is some of the stuff I want to make this year...

Felt Food
Felted Soap
Vanilla Extract

What I'll end up making...

Newspaper Hat
(In all seriousness I do not know how to make one and my son would like me more if I did.)

Lucy says shes likes me as long as I let daddy dress her more often..

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Blue Goo

(Not wake up in the middle of the night worthy, just wake up in the morning thinking that you might have had a weird dream sometime during the night worthy.)
The kid's got some H2Goo for Christmas.  I was putting off using it because it looked messy and frightening but Lucy bit a hole in the bag...the bag of crystals that turn to goo when mixed with water.  I knew it was Lucy because she was the one walking around spitting blue goo all over the place.

Anyway, you are suppose to put this stuff in the bathtub and let the kids slosh through it.  I feared they would be scared of it so we put it in a big bin instead.  Which worked out well because they refused to touch it with their hands.  But they had no problem dumping it on each others heads.  So it would only have worked in the tub if they were doing head stands (with no hands) and they aren't trained in circus acts just yet.  But Lucy's hair smells exceptionally good today and I think this stuff may be to blame.

January Goal #2: Getting there...

The kids each have a "First Year" scrapbook.  All are pretty much up to date!  Next week I'll work on getting Lucy's second book up to date.

Guy is missing some family tree info but I've accepted it.
My favorite page from his book:

Lucy is missing one photo but I plan to print it when I print a big mass of pictures next week.
My favorite page from her book:

Nels is not born yet so there isn't a heck of a lot to do there.
The only page in his book:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


At snack time...
Guy:  Broccoli!
Mom:  Brocoli?!  No!
Guy:  Pickle!
Mom:  Pickle?!  How about a cookie?
Guy:  No!  Pickle!
(He got his pickles.  Fine, more cookies for me.)
Being pushed out the door...
Mom:  We need to GO GO GO!
While in the car...
Guy:  Water!
Mom: When we get home!
Guy (five minutes later): Water! *fake cough* Waaaaaaaater...

Cinnamon Rolls!

We made them.  We ate them.
We would have jumped for joy if we weren't so pudgy.
Recipe: Cinnabon Clone

Guy kept chanting "Pizza, Pizza!" Not quite, buddy.

Clean up crew!  Guy pretty much licked the counter clean.

I had to eat some before taking a picture... I couldn't resist!

Lucy yells for MORE and MORE and MORE.
Lucy obviously has not heard the tale of "The Little Red Hen".

If You Give a Girl a Camera...

...she's going to put on a ridiculous costume and demand her picture gets taken.

Lucy dug this out of her dress up bin, put it on all by herself, and brought me the camera.  Then gave me some big cheeseball poses.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Raising a Softee

Guy has replaced his evening reading of pigeons eating hot dogs with an Amish cookbook.

Clean Craft

We found these "paint with water" pads at Michael's for $1 (12 pages)!  Best deal ever.

Since it's just water we can hang out in front of the fireplace to do them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weirdo Cupcakes

Today we made these:

Don't have cake mix so made yellow cupcakes from scratch.  Despite having 4 tubs of Cool Whip in the freezer, we used white frosting instead since I was going to send some with husband to work and Cool Whip is probably a bad choice for that.

So this is what they look like...

I think my changes might have brought this supposedly 5 star recipe down to a "!?".  These are weird.  I don't know if I like them.  But I did two colors (half are raspberry, half are lime) using up 25% of our Jello supply.  Less Jello eating later = good.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Goal #1: COMPLETE

I have all my 2010 photos organized.

Plus I uploaded Christmas videos last night.  As seen here...
Including this one:

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Goals

1.  Organize all photos and videos on the computer (COMPLETE 1/5!)
2.  Be 100% caught up with the kid's scrapbooks (Moved to Feb)
3.  Have craft supplies cleaned out and organized (COMPLETE 1/26!)
*  Convince husband to level the oven, install seismic strap on hot water heater, and fix the oudoor light in the backyard. (COMPLETE 1/9!)