Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1 - Santa Advent Calendar

For the 1st day of December we made Santa Advent Calendars.  And by we I mean mostly me.  The kids would have rather ate broccoli and watched NOVA.  They seriously love those two things.  Lucy helped color her Santa and told me which colors to draw the outline in - which is why it's done in black, purple, and pencil.  Guy told me to take care of his and then he wanted me to spoon feed him soup and remove his socks for him.  He's setting himself up for needing his mom at a very old age.

I thought I took more than one picture of the kids but I didn't so I just have this picture of them looking very angry.  I asked them to pick out one pom-pom and of course they were punching each other over who had more.

Ta-da!  We'll add a pom-pom every day until Santa has a beard of many colors. I wrote "Christmas Count Down" on the posters but we are actually counting up so mom's an idiot.  But Guy counts like "1, 2, 3, apple, 10" so I don't think he'll notice.

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