Friday, December 3, 2010

Dec 2 - Gingerbread Men!

December 2nd we made Gingerbread men.

Lucy checks out the recipe and feels hopeless.  It just sounds too complicated!

Guy tells Lucy it's easy.  Just put everything in the bowl.

"You mean put everything in my mouth?.. This cookie is going to be awful!"

After wards I had a mess to clean up...

Lucy cleaned up nicely and wanted to go outside with her doll.  I caught them both just sitting on the step.

Guy goes out to show Lucy how to play. Running for the fun stuff!

 He also brought out his own version of a "doll".  Lucy is ready to be a big sister.  See how she supports the babies head?

After playing Lucy tries to convince me she doesn't need a nap.

Nap time over!  Time to eat the cookies!

"I don't eat people, but thanks anyway."

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