Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 24 - Church, Food, Lights

My favorite day of all the holiday and I didn't take any pictures!

We went to a different Church than usual because it was having a Childrens' Mass.  Kids really weren't that entertained but it went well.

Then we had dinner at my favorite place in the world, Texas Roadhouse.  Zero wait and kids were little angels.  Plus it's one of those places that give you bread and peanuts right away and then we got our salads and our bloomin' onion right after that, then we got our steaks and such not far after that.  And Lucy ate a crayon.  Best food ever!  And did I mention the kids were extremely well behaved?

After dinner we drove around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas songs on the radio.  Because I wanted to.  I don't think anyone else cared.

Oh, guess I got one picture!  After the kids went to bed we (and by we I mean mostly not me) built this for the kids...

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