Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 22 - Guy's Gifting

We put out presents for the garbage men.  Guy was a superb helper.

Hopefully if the gifts end up in the garbage it will be after they are seen.  Never gave the garbage men presents before - not sure how one goes about it.  I don't just want to stare out the window all day just to have them drive by after I've fallen asleep.

We got the mailman a present too.  I know how to do that.  Well actually I don't.  Is it okay to put other things besides mail in a mailbox?  Last year he took it without fining me so I think we are okay.  We bought them some local coffee (locally roasted that is).  I don't know if any of them drink coffee but everyone knows someone who does so it should be easy to get rid of.

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