Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec 16 - Mailing Presents

We got to the post office at lunch time and that's a silly time to go in.  We went to Wendy's instead.  

Oranges + Ranch = The Best

Guy didn't have time to eat.  He had to build this really elaborate Yogi bear riding a flying picnic table (?) out of paper.  As soon as we got home and he left it unattended I threw it away.  I'm nice like that.

Half way through our meal Lucy slammed her head down on the table for no reason that I could see.  Maybe she was trying to squash a fly.  She got a black eye and a huge bruise on the bridge of her nose.  I keep mistaking her for Mickey Rourke.  I guess that doesn't make any sense.

Finally made it to the post office!  While I waited in line and paid for everything the kids just sat UNDER a bench.  Maybe they were hiding but I could see them so I was happy.  When we left I made one carry the keys and one the bag.  Guy took two steps before pawning both off on Lucy.  Lazy boy.

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