Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking About Christmas!

We went to Hallmark and picked out our ornaments today!

I got the 27th house in my series, Nostalgic Houses and Shops.
It's a colonial house.

Guy wanted anything with a train on it.  His first choice was actually three - he wanted the Union Pacific Streamliner Locomotive, the Long Coach, and the Buffet Coach.  They hook together but cost $15 each so I had to tell him no.  And if he only bought one (especially the middle one) I think he'd be disappointed later. I tried to steer him towards the Mickey Mouse train but he was set on this one.  He's been holding it ever since we bought it.  In fact he just popped by and shoved it in my face and yelled "CHOO! CHOO!" in my ear.  He loves it.

Lucy didn't want an ornament.  She wanted a roll of wrapping paper.  I told her "tough".  I kept offering her ornaments and finally she grabbed this one.  Like I said, she didn't want an ornament but she would settle for a pickle.  I bet it'll have bite marks in it by the time Christmas is over.

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