Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Four day weekend!

We stayed home for Thanksgiving which was very nice and relaxing.  While the food was cooking and Lucy was napping we played Candy Land with Guy.  He was good for about 3 turns and then got bored and was walking the little gingerbread men pieces all over the room.  Eventually he won because his parents made him stick it through.  He needed to observe his win from higher ground.

We forced Lucy up to eat some food!  She loved everything.  But the best was eating the middles out of the deviled eggs.  After she ate one she'd hand us an empty hard boiled white and demand a refill of the yellow stuff.

Guy didn't like anything but the rolls.  He pointed at his egg and said "Bleh" so we gave his egg to Lucy.  But then he demanded a new one.  I guess his plate just looked empty without it. He ate 3 rolls and called it a Thanksgiving. 

Lucy asks dad "Are you sure you have enough turkey?"

"Better take one more piece, just in case"

After our delightful evening I went shopping Thanksgiving night while everyone else slept.  I only bought kids clothes and bedding.  Because the clothes were cute and we needed the sheets and stuff.
So Friday was a lazy day because I was super tired from being out all night.  Thankfully the kids like laying around too.

Me with my favorite baby.  And Lucy with her favorite baby.

Guy got a haircut this weekend!  This is his before picture.  He didn't get an after picture because he ran off screaming.  But we got it done.  His hair looks much more boyish now.

Lucy made us breakfast on Saturday.  She had to count out the Rice Crispies to make sure everyone got the same amount.

Today the kids went out in the snow.  Lucy was out there for like 15 seconds before she was freezing and had to run inside and a hug a teddy bear.

Here's some of my favorite Black Friday purchases:
Lucy's Bunny Sweater & Matching Hat

The new little baby's clothes.  He can't just wear hand-me-downs!

Guy's new Buzz Lightyear Comforter.  His Curious George one was falling apart and he was trying to keep up with the frayed edges with scissors.  But it was just too much work for a little boy whose never worked in a sweatshop.
Here's his old comforter.  It must have been cozy.

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