Monday, November 1, 2010


Guy was Thomas the Train/Train Conductor?  I didn't understand this costume at all but he had to have it when he saw it in an ad.  But when we went to get it he didn't want it - he wanted a new Thomas the Train figure.  I guess we didn't have the greatest communication.  He got the costume, not the toy, and he wore it proudly.

Lucy was a chocolate-addicted ladybug.  She had the whole costume but due to lack of enthusiasm, she just wore the jacket.

I took the little beasts to two houses.  Guy would say "Choo-choo!" instead of "Trick-or-treat".  Given his costume that seemed mildly appropriate.  Lucy didn't have to say a darn thing and she got candy.  After the houses I asked Guy if he wanted to go to more or go home and he said home.  So we ran home so they could eat all their candy.  Saving candy is for people who don't love candy...

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