Friday, November 12, 2010

Carson City Adventures

We ventured to Carson City today to visit the Children's Museum.
It's actually just a big gymnasium with toys and little education stations.  Not really what I was expecting but it was very nice not having to worry about the kids breaking stuff.

Lucy is really into community service so she enjoyed repainting the place...

 And balancing their budget...

And answering their phone...

Guy is really into trains.  So this is where he stayed the whole time we were there.

All the fun stuff.  And Guy at the train table, still.

Meanwhile, Lucy steams a lemon in the play restaurant.

And then I checked on Guy at the train table and came back to find that Lucy disappeared!
And I found her carry around a purse from the dress-up area in the very real gift shop.  She had her purse full of stuff for herself and was picking out a present for Guy.  We put it all back after I went to check how much money was in her wallet to discover she doesn't even own a wallet!

I forced Guy away from the train table to play in the space ship.  He's ready for blast off, but Lucy can't leave without her box of Lucky Charms.

Guy wondering why he's not playing trains.

Time to go!  While Guy gets 5 more minutes at the train table, Lucy colors a picture for dad.  She wanted to color the sun as dark as night.  Yeah, I think dad will like that.

In order to get Guy to leave the train table in a kind fashion I had to bribe him that we'd come back again soon AND we would have pizza for lunch.  I don't know the area but we found a Pizza Hut.  The kids hardly ate any pizza.  Guy filled up on his favorites - croutons and broccoli.  Lucy opted for peaches and hard boiled eggs.  I ate regular food.

After lunch we went to the Chocolate Nugget for some candy and to visit the big miner.

This is as close as they'd get to him without flipping out.  When we left they both waved and yelled "BYE!" at him so I think they thought he was real.  They probably thought he ate children too.  How else did he get so big?

In the candy store.  I told Guy to pick out ANYTHING.  He filled his bag with two tiny pieces of candy and was done.  The cashier thought he handed her an empty bag.  But it still read on the scale.  Thirty cents worth of candy.  He's a cheap date.

When we paid for our candy he yelled at Lucy to help carry some.

 I bought the kids lollipops because I was worried about them having remorse after eating the candy Guy picked out.  Plus I don't want them to have too good of teeth.  Guy was calling his ice cream because you lick it, but turns out he chewed the whole thing up so he really should re-evaluate.  Maybe call it a hamburger?

We had a very enjoyable day in Carson City.

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