Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking About Christmas!

We went to Hallmark and picked out our ornaments today!

I got the 27th house in my series, Nostalgic Houses and Shops.
It's a colonial house.

Guy wanted anything with a train on it.  His first choice was actually three - he wanted the Union Pacific Streamliner Locomotive, the Long Coach, and the Buffet Coach.  They hook together but cost $15 each so I had to tell him no.  And if he only bought one (especially the middle one) I think he'd be disappointed later. I tried to steer him towards the Mickey Mouse train but he was set on this one.  He's been holding it ever since we bought it.  In fact he just popped by and shoved it in my face and yelled "CHOO! CHOO!" in my ear.  He loves it.

Lucy didn't want an ornament.  She wanted a roll of wrapping paper.  I told her "tough".  I kept offering her ornaments and finally she grabbed this one.  Like I said, she didn't want an ornament but she would settle for a pickle.  I bet it'll have bite marks in it by the time Christmas is over.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lucy Loves Big Brother

 Lucy feels coolest when she wears he big brothers hat and shoe.  She looks pretty darn cool, too.

Guy teaches Lucy his own version of Candy Land.  She listens very carefully.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Four day weekend!

We stayed home for Thanksgiving which was very nice and relaxing.  While the food was cooking and Lucy was napping we played Candy Land with Guy.  He was good for about 3 turns and then got bored and was walking the little gingerbread men pieces all over the room.  Eventually he won because his parents made him stick it through.  He needed to observe his win from higher ground.

We forced Lucy up to eat some food!  She loved everything.  But the best was eating the middles out of the deviled eggs.  After she ate one she'd hand us an empty hard boiled white and demand a refill of the yellow stuff.

Guy didn't like anything but the rolls.  He pointed at his egg and said "Bleh" so we gave his egg to Lucy.  But then he demanded a new one.  I guess his plate just looked empty without it. He ate 3 rolls and called it a Thanksgiving. 

Lucy asks dad "Are you sure you have enough turkey?"

"Better take one more piece, just in case"

After our delightful evening I went shopping Thanksgiving night while everyone else slept.  I only bought kids clothes and bedding.  Because the clothes were cute and we needed the sheets and stuff.
So Friday was a lazy day because I was super tired from being out all night.  Thankfully the kids like laying around too.

Me with my favorite baby.  And Lucy with her favorite baby.

Guy got a haircut this weekend!  This is his before picture.  He didn't get an after picture because he ran off screaming.  But we got it done.  His hair looks much more boyish now.

Lucy made us breakfast on Saturday.  She had to count out the Rice Crispies to make sure everyone got the same amount.

Today the kids went out in the snow.  Lucy was out there for like 15 seconds before she was freezing and had to run inside and a hug a teddy bear.

Here's some of my favorite Black Friday purchases:
Lucy's Bunny Sweater & Matching Hat

The new little baby's clothes.  He can't just wear hand-me-downs!

Guy's new Buzz Lightyear Comforter.  His Curious George one was falling apart and he was trying to keep up with the frayed edges with scissors.  But it was just too much work for a little boy whose never worked in a sweatshop.
Here's his old comforter.  It must have been cozy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a Boy!

Found out today we are having a baby boy!
He's going to be cute just like these two...

Lucy - June '09

Guy - Sept '07

Guy just saw that picture of himself and I told him "That's you!" and his reply was typical.  "NO!  That's you!'  It must be nice to be that young and be a genius!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Carson City Adventures

We ventured to Carson City today to visit the Children's Museum.
It's actually just a big gymnasium with toys and little education stations.  Not really what I was expecting but it was very nice not having to worry about the kids breaking stuff.

Lucy is really into community service so she enjoyed repainting the place...

 And balancing their budget...

And answering their phone...

Guy is really into trains.  So this is where he stayed the whole time we were there.

All the fun stuff.  And Guy at the train table, still.

Meanwhile, Lucy steams a lemon in the play restaurant.

And then I checked on Guy at the train table and came back to find that Lucy disappeared!
And I found her carry around a purse from the dress-up area in the very real gift shop.  She had her purse full of stuff for herself and was picking out a present for Guy.  We put it all back after I went to check how much money was in her wallet to discover she doesn't even own a wallet!

I forced Guy away from the train table to play in the space ship.  He's ready for blast off, but Lucy can't leave without her box of Lucky Charms.

Guy wondering why he's not playing trains.

Time to go!  While Guy gets 5 more minutes at the train table, Lucy colors a picture for dad.  She wanted to color the sun as dark as night.  Yeah, I think dad will like that.

In order to get Guy to leave the train table in a kind fashion I had to bribe him that we'd come back again soon AND we would have pizza for lunch.  I don't know the area but we found a Pizza Hut.  The kids hardly ate any pizza.  Guy filled up on his favorites - croutons and broccoli.  Lucy opted for peaches and hard boiled eggs.  I ate regular food.

After lunch we went to the Chocolate Nugget for some candy and to visit the big miner.

This is as close as they'd get to him without flipping out.  When we left they both waved and yelled "BYE!" at him so I think they thought he was real.  They probably thought he ate children too.  How else did he get so big?

In the candy store.  I told Guy to pick out ANYTHING.  He filled his bag with two tiny pieces of candy and was done.  The cashier thought he handed her an empty bag.  But it still read on the scale.  Thirty cents worth of candy.  He's a cheap date.

When we paid for our candy he yelled at Lucy to help carry some.

 I bought the kids lollipops because I was worried about them having remorse after eating the candy Guy picked out.  Plus I don't want them to have too good of teeth.  Guy was calling his ice cream because you lick it, but turns out he chewed the whole thing up so he really should re-evaluate.  Maybe call it a hamburger?

We had a very enjoyable day in Carson City.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Guy was Thomas the Train/Train Conductor?  I didn't understand this costume at all but he had to have it when he saw it in an ad.  But when we went to get it he didn't want it - he wanted a new Thomas the Train figure.  I guess we didn't have the greatest communication.  He got the costume, not the toy, and he wore it proudly.

Lucy was a chocolate-addicted ladybug.  She had the whole costume but due to lack of enthusiasm, she just wore the jacket.

I took the little beasts to two houses.  Guy would say "Choo-choo!" instead of "Trick-or-treat".  Given his costume that seemed mildly appropriate.  Lucy didn't have to say a darn thing and she got candy.  After the houses I asked Guy if he wanted to go to more or go home and he said home.  So we ran home so they could eat all their candy.  Saving candy is for people who don't love candy...

End of October

No more ice cream.  It's getting too cold!
That's good because I'll never learn not to give ice cream to a 1 year old while in the car.
She's too cute!

We can still eat plenty of pizza.
Here is Guy with his Quizno's pizza.  It's a piece of flatbread with some cheese and deli ham melted on it.  I was appalled they called it pizza.  Guy ate the entire thing while singing "pizza...pizza...yum...yum."  He still talks about that pizza.  Kids...

Lucy is already hard at work planning her 2nd birthday party.  She couldn't find any 2nd birthday stuff so she's just buying double of the first birthday stuff.

The thought of party planning makes Guy feel like this...

Guy's Birthday

Guy turned 3 a little over a month ago.  We did do stuff.

The weekend before his birthday we took Guy to ride the train/choo-choo in Virginia City.  
Lucy was eyeballing an old man.

 After we didn't let Lucy up to visit other people she was ready for the ride to be over.  We had to tell her "It's not your birthday!"  It wasn't really Guy's yet either but we left that out.

 Guy thought it was the best.  The tunnel was scary, though.  In a good way...
  When he was on my lap in the tunnel he reached up and grabbed my nose to make sure I didn't lose it.

Break time!  He's carrying the train he picked out in the gift shop.

The DAY that was his birthday!
He woke up to lots of cool presents.

 And strawberry waffles.  
Only way I can get away with serving him whipped cream for breakfast...

While Lucy napped he read a new book while watching Elmo.

Time to roll!
We went to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money from great-grandma.

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch.
Guy mis-educated Lucy on this amazing "choo-choo".  It was a roller coaster.

"Nice hat, Chuck."

"Is a hat required at this place?"

Lucy doesn't care.  She's just there for the jello.

Guy learned how to play air hockey.  He lost but somehow scored most the goals...

At home playing with his new toys from Toys R Us.

Playing with more new toys.

Then we had dinner and CAKE! 

He blew out the candles himself and thankfully I think his only wish was for a piece of cake.
His wish came true!