Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road Trip Time

The kids and I are leaving for Oregon tomorrow.  Our first trip all by ourselves!  So we got to be prepared! 

We plan to make three 1-2 hour stops.  Two of those being at parks and one being at McDonald's for dinner - we already made sure there's a playground there.  So we packed a couple of park toys since I know one of the parks we are going to does not have a playground.

We packed a box of books and toys and fancy new water bottles.

Also in our toy pile Guy and Lucy each have a couple of surprises that of course include a partially unwrapped lollipop.

We have lunches planned out. Going to eat in the car for breakfast and lunch because it's A) something for the kids to do and B) saves time when we are at parks so they can run and wiggle more.

So I think the only thing left to pack are these things:

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