Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Chores

Guy gets the eggs everyday. He'll remind me too - "Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs..." And I'll send him in there to wrestle through bees and chickens. If a chicken is sitting on the eggs he'll let me know - "Chi-en! Chi-en! Chi-en!" And then I'll have to go pick up the chicken and he'll giggle and grab the eggs. Then he'll take off running for the house. Once inside he'll wait for me to get the wooden egg bowl down. After he puts them in, he will rearrange all the eggs in a way that works for him. He is the egg master.

Lucy helps me hang clothes on the line and take them off by transporting the clothes from me to the basket and vice versa. If I try to do it without her she'll run over to me and totally take charge. Sometimes I step on her because she'll be standing behind me, eyeballing my work, while she holds a sock that needs to be hung. She is the master of the laundry. In fact she helped me make laundry soap the other day. I was filling up my gallon jugs with the lumpy soap and after I would put it in the funnel, Lucy would poke all the soap down with a chop stick. I was amazed how helpful she 13 months. She takes laundry very seriously.

It's nice to have such enthusiastic folks helping with chores.

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