Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vacation: Day 9

Sick Day!

No one is feeling that great today. My mom & Orvel left this morning. Before they left Lucy had to show off by walking across the living room. Way to go, Lucy! I'm glad she did something memorable because we just sat around the house all day.

Lucy couldn't sleep last night so she ended up bunking with me. I was too tired to go comfort her ever 20 minutes. I put her in the middle of the bed but she kept squirming until I was kicked out of bed.

Guy got on my nerves for laying down on the back step, half outside the house, half inside the house. It was cold out and I had a fire going so that wasn't okay with me. He got sent to his room where he immediately fell asleep. I guess he didn't sleep well either at night.

Later in the afternoon he dressed himself and told the cat how nutritious her food was.

Good luck to the cat on finding her food...

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