Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vacation: Day 8

We spent the morning with grandma Kathy at the River Festival. The kids loved the food. Everyone but Lucy got a new pair of sandals. I told Lucy she needs to learn to walk first.

Guy can't decided which flavor is the best. (Lime obviously). We got a hat and a sticker for buying our sandals and Guy claimed them. He wore that oversized hat all day.

Lucy says she'd had enough snow cone. Time to move again.

Lucy loves sweet tea we found out. She drank most of it while having a death grip on the cup.

After naps we went to Circus Circus for the evening without a camera. They both won some stuffed animals at a fishing game. The game that lets everyone win... don't tell them that though. Guy played some games where he had to throw balls or rings and he actually did really good. Didn't win anything but at least he wasn't throwing the stuff behind him. The kids had a good time, mama doesn't know if she'll go back until the kids are old enough to ask though.

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