Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation: Day 4

The first half of today was really rough. Me and Guy were both really grumpy. Lucy worked on cheering us up. We went to the park this morning hoping to get happy. It backfired. Guy got REALLY mad that I wouldn't let him take Lucy down the slide by himself (the drop at the bottom was too big). He wouldn't move or cooperate after that so we had to leave early.

Here's little climber Lucy. She thinks these pants makes her butt look good.

After we left the park Guy fell asleep right away. When he woke up he was in a MUCH better mood. I felt better after I cleaned up the house. My mom brought lots of stuff with her from Oregon and the house was just a mess. I think I have it all sorted! Here's the sideboard with stuff on it.

One goal I have while Jib is gone is to eat every meal at the table. Today was a failure. We only ate dinner at the table. Lucy had an apple for her appetizer.

After dinner we went for a nice long walk and then the kids played outside while I mowed and tended to the animals. I am getting a lot better with the bees. I started using the smoker and it works great but I smell like a BBQ now. I am excited to get the new feeder still because even if I'm not killing any bees anymore I'm wasting a lot of sugar water from spills.

Sidenote: I'm pretty sure Guy gets his sticker chart. He'll pretend to count the days and when get gets to dada's picture he shrieks "YAAAAAY!!!!!"

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