Monday, May 3, 2010

Vacation: Day 3

Tired, busy, and spending money...
Busy day of doctor stuff, visiting stuff, and worrying about bee stuff.

The trouble with bees is simply they freak me out. I've been having problems feeding them. I squish them, I drown them, I get them stuck in my clothes. So I ordered a new feeder today that I think will really help me out, a plastic top feeder. It sits on the top of the hive and allows the bees to feed without leaving the hive. They can not drown in it and I can refill it without disturbing a single bee. The only problems I read about it is...
1) ANTS. Not a problem. We have chickens that love to eat ants.
2) HEAVY WHEN FULL. Hard to move when you want to access the hive. Not a problem. I just won't fill it too full.

I ordered some real prescription sunglasses today for way too much money. I'm so excited to get them!! I dropped by after Guy's teeth cleaning to look at them and they just fit me in for an appointment right then. Worked out great!
Mine look like this but they are blue! Too cool.

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