Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vacation: Day 2

Day 2
My mom and Orvel came into town today bring a U-Haul trailer full of goodies.

I got my mom's antique sideboard. Plus lots of stuff to put in it. I first have to get it where I want it and do some minor fix-its. Plus I got an antique telephone I'll put up with my washboard and Guy's BB gun.

Lucy thinks grandpa Orvel is funny! Plus she likes him because he gives her food. She pretty much ate all our dinner food. He told her they need to go to a buffet.

Guy got lots of stuff from the drop-off too. His favorites? A troll doll on roller skates and a giant Elmo.

Tonight, I gave Guy a sticker to put on the Daddy Count Down Calendar and he put it on Day 2 without being prompted. After we put it away he asked for it again just so he could look at daddy's picture again.

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