Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation: Day 14

Had a great day, but I'm up too late.

We went into town and got my dad and went walking around Scheels. Guy thinks it's the coolest store in the world. He totally begged to go on the Ferris Wheel. Neither me or my dad felt like getting our eyes clawed out after Guy realized how high up it was so we didn't take him on it. It might have been okay but we can do that in a year or two. Guy loved the little play area too. It's been the first time he was able to play on it. While we were in the gun section, Guy spontaneously walked up to a gun case and kicked it as hard as he could. If he was trying to get assistance, that method worked well. We went to Caroline Kitchen for lunch. Guy started crying for no reason so I had to take him outside and lecture him until he was so bored he agreed to behave. He had all of Lucy's Mac & Cheese. Lucy ate everything else.

After an afternoon break for naps we went back into town and hung out at my dad's hotel/casino. Guy begged to play a slot machine. He can wait 19 years or he can go to work with his dad on Monday. Guy's choice. We went to the bowling ally and Guy thought bowling balls were the coolest things ever. We had sandwiches for dinner and Guy must have an eating disorder because he cried again. He loved the arcade. He played DDR and SkeeBall. Good day. Good night.

Oh yeah.. pictures!

Me & Lucy passing time on the escalator. There is a diaper in her hood. You have to carry your own belongings in this family.

Guy & gramps. We kept making fun of Guy's sucker saying it aged him by negative 2 years. He refused to part with it so he couldn't even try to pass for 21 at the slot machines.

Lucy liked the cheese off of the Cheetos and had a pile of uncheesed Cheetos. Guy ate the soggy, plain Cheetos.

My dad and Lucy like bright lights!

Guy playing DDR. When my mom was here last week she taught him how to play. As soon as he saw this game he ran over to it and started doing little funky dances. We wished he got it on video!

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