Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation: Day 13

It was super nice today! We played outside all day. My dad got in this afternoon so he could join in on the fun of chewing on pine cones and climbing trees.

Lucy said there was just too much dirt in this barrel. She started moving it around but decided it would go faster is someone would just eat the stuff.

Guy discovered the joy of running through sprinklers today! Except after one run he'd make me do one and if I didn't get close enough to the sprinkler he would call me on it and demand a do over.

After my dad got to our house Guy cleaned out grandpa's truck of all empty food containers. And any that weren't empty, he emptied them into his belly and then took care of the wrapper. He also picked a bunch of grass and put a little pile on the top of each tire. I love toddler randomness.

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