Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacation: Day 1

My husband left for Moscow this morning for a well deserved vacation. Me & the kids will be getting some visitors so we won't get too bored. Today was hard because we got up at 4:30AM - it felt like the day would never end.

Some events for the day:
Guy found a nice rubber boot planter.

Why won't they fit?!

We planted our red potatoes today. We found this plastic thing in a pile of rubbish left behind by the previous home owners. Drilled tons of holes in it and are going to try the growing potatoes like the trash can mention, as seen here. Don't think I'll get mine to pile too high but that's okay. Just experimenting.

Planted strawberries today. Might be too early but I'm taking a risk. No more snow! I have some work to do on the other planter box. That one will hopefully hold corn.

Planted our seedlings today. Corn, cukes, beans, melons, tomatoes, lettuce. Lucy helped and it was the worst idea I had all day.

I think we'll make it through! Especially if the weather stays nice. I am worried Guy will get confused about daddy being away but I am not sure how to explain vacations to a toddler. We made a little calendar. Every night we'll put a sticker on the day until we reach daddy's picture. Then daddy will be home! Guy doesn't get it yet, maybe he will in a couple of days?

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