Thursday, April 22, 2010

Onion Planting

I ordered some onions from Dixondale Farms. The onions were dormant and I was suppose to plant 3 weeks from receiving them but 4-6 week before the last spring frost. Doesn't work that way in Nevada. Next year I'll have to write in the date for them to ship them to me because their guesstimate did not work but I am overall very happy with their ordering, shipping, and planting instructions. Just an error of a newbie (me). Last day of frost is estimated for mid-June here. I planted the onions on Sunday, hopefully they aren't already dead. It snowed on them yesterday.


  1. I'd guess they are fine! We've had times when our onions got either snow or a really hard frost and they pull through without a scratch. What kind did you plant? Btw, oh my freaking gosh I LOVE that chair!

  2. We planted Candy, Super Star, and Red Candy Apple. It's just what the catalog told us to plant for our area. I have no idea what I'm doing - haha! I love that chair too - it came with the house! Yay!