Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cakes and Crafts

I made a cake for Thanksgiving. It is the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Dec/Jan 2010 "Taste of Home" magazine. Too much chocolate!! Well, no, that's impossible.

Most of my crafts lately have been around Scrapbooking. Each kid has their own book(s). Birth - 1 year old I do two pages per month then 1yr+ I just do one page per month. Then after awhile hopefully it'll be two pages per season because I'm not good at staying up-to-date with this stuff!

Today I made rubber stamping cool again. Wait - when was it cool? I made my brother a birthday card. It's pretty swell.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Darn Chickens

I found a secret cache of chicken eggs! We thought these eggs would be fine to eat but it just didn't seem right since in reality I had no way of knowing how long they had been there. How do you salvage 17 questionable chicken eggs? Kitty Feast!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lucy's Third Video Blog

Lucy was too busy to choose a topic today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

To celebrate a mighty fine holiday we went thrift shopping. Savers had 50% off their clothes today. Everybody got a couple of things plus a baby boy got some things too. Which baby boy? I have no idea. Hopefully the one we have later. I also got a toy for Guy, three board games and an embroidery hoop. I'm going to copy Monica and do something similar to this (but not as ambitious - just the hand thing and I'm going to put both kids hand on one).

The loot and one happy little girl.
Lucy says "You bought me pink stuff this time, right???"

One tired out boy and his helicopter that will probably break today.
I told Guy he could have one toy. He picked out a cool giant race car for 99cents. Then at check-out they have their "new" toys displayed - they are junky and overpriced. It sucked him in and he switched his car for the helicopter. As soon as we left the building he became so depressed when he realized what he had done. I said "I told you so!"