Thursday, September 24, 2009


My little boy turned two on Monday! We've been traveling so much lately we just stayed at home and did some of his favorite things like...

Wearing Silly Hats While Watching Cartoons

Eating Play-Doh
(First you got to make it into spaghetti!)

Holding your Sisters Hand While You Eat a TV Dinner

Baking Brownies

And last and most importantly...
Dipping Fish Sticks Into Whipped Cream

One weekend ago...

We went to Oregon for my sister-in-law's wedding. And being the great relative I am I took two pictures. There were better things to be doing than taking pictures especially since I can steal pictures from someone else. It was a long trip because I could not get the kids to sleep. But they have been sleeping very well since we've gotten home - phew. My favorite thing at the wedding was the bride and grooms cake. They had a little cake to cut and served cheesecake to the guests. Well I stole some of their cake after they cut it and it was seriously the best chocolate cake I'd ever had. If cake represents happiness and abundance of children I think I should have about 10 more nieces and nephews soon.

2 weekends ago...

We took the kids to the water park! Unfortunately, Guy is deathly afraid of water at this current stage and Lucy only likes warm water. So, no one wanted to go swimming. But we got a two person tube and fit all four of us on it and took it around the lazy river. Everyone liked that.

"Speak up when you call me beautiful!"

Me & Guy

Lucy & Guy

Guy's First Trip on the Go-Karts! He's in there! He kept slipping down the seat. He seemed to enjoy himself in that not-so-sure-what's-happening sort of way.

3 weekends ago...

We went camping outside of Elko, NV. My husband was scouting for hunting and me and the kids tagged along. We were mainly driving around dirt roads but we had time to do a little hiking and campfire cooking. We thought it was gorgeous out there - even if it was the Pony Express' "Worst Post in the West".

This was near a mine outside of Lovelock, NV. Minor detour... We thought we should take a picture of our car since we had half our stuff strapped to the roof.

Ruby Mountains

For the most part it was an enjoyable trip largely due to our awesome tent. I thought I could use it to keep tabs on Guy but he learned to unzip the doors in no time at all. He still has trouble falling asleep in a sleeping bag but he'll get better with practice!
Little Lucy loves being outside!

Decorating cookies! I ate one of Guy's cookies. Then I was all jittery.

We took Hwy 50 "The Loneliest Road in America" home. I really enjoyed the drive. The towns (Eureka and Austin) along this road are super cute and I want to live in them, especially Austin.

Here's some pictures of the park (& community pool) in Austin, NV. I really love this little community. It seemed like a great place to raise kids - our kids could be numbers 7 & 8 in the elementary school!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growing Up

Kids are growing up. Lucy will be 3 months old tomorrow. Guy will be 2 in a couple of weeks!

"I'm too cool to hang out with you, mom."

Potty time! We're not really getting anywhere. But he'll sit there and read for awhile.

Last week Guy and Lucy started talking back and forth.

August Menu #5/5

Yesterday was the last day of August so I had my last shopping trip. I had 31 cents left. I bought this stuff at Smiths and now I have 53 cents: Smiths - $(0.22) (Saved $24.70 with coupons. One of those coupons was $20 off my purchase for filling a prescription there.)

August: $324.47/$325 - Yay! Under budget!

We had pork chops, salad, and pasta last night. I have chicken written down for today but didn't thaw any out. Not really following a menu this week.