Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zucchini Bread

I picked a zucchini from our garden and made zucchini bread with it! I used this recipe minus the walnuts. I think it is good for being bread with a vegetable in it.

Here is the zucchini. I should have picked it sooner because Guy could barely carry it. There is enough for a second batch of zucchini bread which I think I'll do tomorrow to freeze.

And this is why you don't put food near the edge of the counter while your son is pretending to be a chipmunk.


We went camping over the weekend at Frenchman's Lake. Guess what I forgot? My camera!

I bought Guy a Lightening McQueen sleeping bag for the trip. It worked a lot better than putting him in a pack-n-play. He didn't fall out of his sleeping bag ever. He did crawl out of it but that's better. Guy did get up in the middle of the night to play with his toys. And he got up early to read some books. But we slept through that. Lucy did too. She's a little angel.

I did okay too. During the night I was ready to go home and when we were trying to pack up and Guy was trying to run away I was ready to leave all of our stuff there. But next time we could bring a kennel for him...

August Menu #4/5

M: Beef Fajitas, Chips and Salsa
T: Cod, Salad, Pasta
W:*Hubby not coming home for dinner* Ice Cream and Candy Bars!
R: Crockpot Chicken and Potatoes,
F: Leftovers
Sat: Pizza
Sun: Fish Sticks, Tater Tots, Fried Green Beans

Smiths - $44.31 (Food for last weeks camping.)

Squeeze-In - $41.16 (Had breakfast Sunday morning. I had a banana omelet. I was really concerned about it. I rarely eat out and I didn't want to throw out the one thing I got at a restaurant. But it was sooooo good. I ate it all and some of Guy's smiley face pancakes. I like breakfast a lot.)

Scolaris - $24.44 (Saved $8 in coupons - not a good trip but I've been lazy.)

Schwans - $13.98

Budget $324.69/$325. I have 31 cents for next week. I think I can do it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We got a tour of a firehouse today and met some firemen! I was so proud of Guy; he was well behaved and observant.

One of the firemen mentioned a previous tour where one of the older firemen was showing toddlers and young kids around. This older fireman showed the kids an axe and handed it to one and told them to "Go ahead and pass it around." I could tell Guy was thinking "I wish I went to that tour! I was born to wield an axe!"

Guy got a fireman's attention and pointed to the seat of a firetruck. Who needs a mom when you have a fireman?

The firemen we met were really great with kids and even coaxed Guy into helping hold the fire hose.

Lucy was there and awake the whole time. She was sitting in my front pack, though. Not a good place to be to get your picture taken.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boys are trouble!

This morning: Two little clean kids.
This afternoon: One little greasy boy. (The little clean girl is still clean!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The kids spent the afternoon at the Playroom yesterday. I told Lucy she needed to be more active or all the other kids might think she was boring.

So she tried to climb some foam blocks. But it didn't make her any friends.
So she decided to start a conversation with another little girl her age. They got along great - except they were always talking at the same time.

Guy had more luck. He found a little boy with a hammer. Guy wanted to play with the hammer so bad so he just followed this kid around until the boy though Guy was just overly friendly. That's how you make friends!
A train table is big enough to share with a friend. In fact, you can share the same track and have your trains move towards the same space. Collisions are cool.
And mom did okay too. Lots of people talked to me yesterday. "I don't know if care but your son is eating all the grapes/playing with a sharp knife/running around with his pants down..."

Stuff from around our house...

We ate this tomato on our hamburgers last night. Our garden is looking pretty swell. I'm very impressed and excited about our first attempt at gardening.

And now for the scary stuff...

This is Phyllis. I found her on the back step while me and Guy were running around barefoot. I killed her. I feel immense regret. She had a family to care for. Who is going to let them out of her crockpot now?

Last night, running around barefoot at night, I nearly stepped on Toady. I had a miniature heart attack. I should start wearing shoes. Toady is about the size of an english muffin. I don't think I'd ever confuse the two, though.

August Menu #3/5

M: Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Potato Salad
T: Pork Chops, Applesauce, Fried Zucchini
W: Crockpot Chicken, Rice, Mixed Veggies
R: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mixed Veggies, Toast
(Might go camping this weekend but if we don't...)
F: Leftovers
Sat: Pizza
Sun: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup

Budget is going good so far. We have a full pantry and freezer still. Going to have to buy more beef and chicken soon so hopefully this week will be full of good sales there. I already see more cereal sales. Might have to pass since we have over 15 boxes of cereal now. We don't even eat cereal regularly. But if the world goes into chaos and there is no more food - we'll have cereal to eat. No milk, though. Maybe we should stock up on powdered milk...

Raleys $35.15 (Saved $4.15 with coupons)
Smiths $40.00 (Saved $20.25 with coupons - plus mailed in the Dannon Activia UPC to Yoplait to get a coupon for free Yoplait yogurt. That makes no sense to me but whatever.)

CVS $9.28 (Paid with gift card - Saved $11.88 with coupons)

Walgreens $6.40 (Paid with gift card - Saved $13.59 with coupons)
Budget = $200.80/$325

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lucy's Second Video Blog

Today's Topic: Working with Guy

Frozen Yogurt Pops

They look delicious, don't they? They were gross. I mixed plain healthy yogurt with strawberries and frozen them. It lacked the most important ingredient in all foods - SUGAR! I guess you are suppose to use vanilla yogurt - which is what I call plain. Yes, I screwed up.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Guy got into the bread! After I took this picture a lady showed up to quote us on new windows and Guy just followed her around while eating his stolen bread. And she said "That's a huge sandwich!" Sandwich! Guy isn't that lucky.
When you have a belly like Lucy's it takes you awhile to get comfortable.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Freezer Jam

I bought Ball's Freezer Jars at the store yesterday. I really want to can but until I figure it out I think these are really cool. I made jam out of 2 lbs. of strawberries and filled my five 8oz containers. Now why did I buy 5 lbs a strawberries...? I guess freeze the rest until my freezer jars are empty! Side note: making jam costs so much less than buying jam - especially if you buy the stuff made with real sugar. High fructose corn syrup does not belong in jam.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Music Class

Took the kids to a music class today. Guy surprised me on how well he would copy things. Mostly did his own thing, though. Like play the Xylophone.

Lucy is more of a maraca fan.

August Menu #2/5

M: Farmer's Pork Chops w/ Potatoes and Rice, Salad
T: Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread
W: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Mixed Veggies, Bread
R: Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Baked Beans
F: Leftovers
Sat: Pizza and Milkshakes
Sun: Browned Pork Chops, Applesauce, Baked Potatoes


Scolaris $34.42 (Saved $7 with coupons.)

Target $3.94 (Saved $13 with coupons plus am getting a free calendar with coupons for buying the Annie's pasta.)
Smiths $53.60 (Saved 9.75 with coupons. I am making strawberry jam today!)

Grocery Budget $125.65/325

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lucy is getting old!

Lucy had her 2 month check up today.
She is 24 inches long (90-95%) and weighs 11 lbs 13 oz (70-75%) so she is a big baby! She looks so chubby compared to Guy when he was this age!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fairytale Town

Took the kiddos to Sacramento yesterday to meet a friend. We went to Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo. The kids handled the drive really well - Lucy slept and Guy played the blues on his harmonica. It was five hours of driving and four hours of playing so when we got home me and Guy were zombies and Lucy was ready to party.

Lucy (2 months) and her boyfriend Devin (almost 5 months)

Guy (22 months) and his partner in small-time shenanigans, Dolan (23 months)

This was the boys' favorite thing - not a cool slide or a fort - but a water pump. Weirdos.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lucy's First Video Blog

Lucy is 2 months old! Now that she is older with important views of her own she wanted her own video blog.

Lucy's First Blog Entry: "The Death of a Rabbit"

Reenactment:It is true - our rabbit is a goner.

August Menu #1/5

M: Crockpot Chicken, Potatoes, Corn
T: Hamburgers, Fruit Salad
W: Tuna Rice Casserole, Carrots, Homemade Bread
R: Alaskan Cod, Rice, Mixed Veggies
F: Hamburgers, Melon, Chips
Sat: Leftovers
Sun: Tyson Skillet Meal (Beef Fajitas), Chips and Salsa

Last month my grocery budget was $350 and I was $12 under. This month my grocery budget is $325 and hopefully I'll be under again.

Safeway - $21.16 (Not pictured: Strawberry Smoothie - Guy drank it. Saved $6.68 with coupons. Only went in for the salsa - we like Safeway salsa.)
Blind Onion Pizza - $23.31 (We went out for dinner on Saturday for fun. While we where there Guy had fun playing Connect Four and Lucy had fun watching Guy play Connect Four.)

Rebates received during July I just deposited: $10.78 (adding this back into the grocery budget)

Total $33.69/$325