Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guy's Afternoon at the Marina

The marina is 4 miles from our place. It has lifeguards, a playground, and a snow cone stand. Aside from the food, it's all free.

This afternoon I took Guy to the marina to have fun. When we went swimming I SWEAR I saw a fish the size of Guy swim past us and it frightened me. I can't imagine a fish that big being in there so I asked a kid. Then I listened forever about how fishing is cool and I should try it sometime and some other off-topic stuff. So we stayed in the shallow water after not getting an answer. I won't let a fish eat my baby!

We had a coupon for a free lemonade at the snack bar. It tasted like lemonade KoolAid. So Guy drank some and played with the lemon. He played with the straw, too. Don't forget the ice cubes! He also played with those.
After our drink, we went swimming. Guy would let go of me and try to walk through the water. He ate lots of dirt doing that.

Did I say we had fun or what?


Mommy & Guy

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  1. Girl, you did the right thing going back to the shallow end! Ick! I wouldn't want a big 'ol fish near me, whether it had teeth or not!

    Guy has a wonderful Mommy!