Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Shoes!

I want to dress nice enough to be able to go into Church any day of the week without being embarrassed. But that's hard to do when these are my favorite shoes:I think dressing nice is what I should be doing, but maybe it's just not me? These shoes make me happy.


  1. My church would TOTALLY accept you with any of those shoes!!!!

  2. Where in the world do you shop? These are amazing!!!! :o)

    I say, "Wear 'em, honey!" Whatever floats your boat! If they make you happy, then they're perfect for church. You SHOULD be happy in church!

  3. I think you should try the bear ones's with khaki slacks and a white blouse :-) We as people worry to much about what other people will think of us. And if that is your style and it makes you happy and you feel beautiful then it won't matter what other people think. I know God doesn't mind--