Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Homemaking Skills

I found this post via Carrie's blog. It is about six skills The Simple Mom thinks homemakers should know and why.

Here is my Homemaking Skills report card:

Sewing - (B) I am comfortable sewing. I sew simple projects and can mend anything. I can follow more difficult patterns, but they don't turn out great.

Gardening - (D) In the small space I have for potted plants on our balcony, I have some dead plants. I didn't give myself an F because I make a little effort.

Canning - (D) I've never done it. I have I book on the subject and eagerly await when I have the space for it. I have an interest in it.

Cooking from Scratch - (B) I think I'm good at this. I can make everything from scratch for all three meals on very motivated days. I do not many days due to being tired/lazy.

Knitting and Crocheting - (B) I can knit, I don't do 3-needles, but I think I'm good enough. I know the basics of crochet. I would like to get better at it.

Hospitality - (A) I like to entertain, but it's not that easy in my small apartment. I do the best I can. Even when attending other people's events I think I'm hospitable by bringing homemade food and helping clean up.

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