Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Craft Night

Last night was my craft time. I wanted to sew, but I had a bunch of projects blocking the way of the good stuff. So I just did mending. I guess that's not a good way to spend my alone time, but I feel like a burden has been lifted since I'd been putting this off forever. Plus it was still a little fun.

I finished two cloth diapers I started with my mother-in-law, but never finished. I mended two pairs of PJ pants that had holes in them. And I fixed one pair of maternity jeans that had been sitting there for over 9 months! Whoops! Now I just have a cut out pattern I am not longer enthusiastic about, some PJ pants I plan to turn into PJ shorts, and a cloth book for Guy left in my mending pile. I don't know if I'll work on those next week or not. I dragged my sewing machine to the dining room in hopes of getting some done today. We'll see.

My accomplishments:

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  1. N-I-C-E!!!

    I can't sew, mend, draw, or paint anything.

    You're my hero!!!!