Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Husband's Home "Office"

My husband is a smart fellow, but he doesn't care too much about paper work, special events, or chores. So this is what I do for him.

In/To-Do Basket
We each have our own In Basket near the front door. This is where I sort the mail. Also, if I find weird mechanical parts around the house I put them in my husbands little basket in case it's his. Personally, I take care of my pile (or make a little dent) every Wednesday - AKA Office Day. My husband is better and usually takes care of his everyday. Each of these containers cost $1 at The Dollar Tree.

Bulletin Board
I keep a bulletin board up in the dining room that kind of a reminder for my husband on what's going on. The dining room works great since he'll actually look at it. I keep a calendar of events he should know about, a chore list, and any ongoing paperwork he is dealing with. All of these supplies (cork board, white board, tacks) were leftover stuff for our college days. Except the plastic container that holds pens and tacks, that came with lunch meat in it. Oh yeah, I printed the calendar online at

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