Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Mommy & Me: Day 4

Another 5 AM day! Thankfully after an hour of play Guy was ready to take a nap. And so was I! We woke up and headed to Church. Guy loves singing at Church and he likes flirting with the ladies.

After Church, we went shopping for diapers. The cutest baby store in town, Rockabye, had one cloth diaper for sale so we bought that but it is a little big, but it feels as soft as Guy's softest stuffed animal! We also bought some gDiapers. It will be our 1st time trying them and I'm so excited about it! They are the perfect hybrid between cloth and disposables. I think they will be great for camping!

We then headed for lunch. My favorite place in town is called Emerald City Cafe and it was Guy's first time there. He likes it now too.

And what's a day without a park visit? This one was pretty crappy for crawling around but we wanted a view today.

After going home for a nap, we went swimming! Guy went underwater a couple times! Not on purpose, mommy was just being clumsy. Surprisingly, Guy didn't hate me for it. He just coughed and wouldn't open his eyes for awhile. He likes being held on his tummy in the water like he's swimming.

We swam for awhile but we got tired! We came home and played and napped a little then we started making dinner while thinking what we could do tomorrow to pass the time. Then the front door burst open and it was my husband. Thank goodness. I was scared for a second. He wasn't suppose to be home for another day. Guy was so excited he was able to wish his papa a Happy Father's Day!

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