Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Mommy & Me: Day 3

Today started at 5AM. Guy wanted to PLAY! Ugh... so I pulled my blankets out to the living room and laid around while Guy had his fun crawling over me and stealing the covers.

After playing, eating, and napping, we went shopping. Guy picked out his daddy's birthday present. I found some cloth diaper stuff at a thrift store. And Guy was attacked by a puppet.
After our shopping, we stopped at the library. Guy built a wall out of giant foam Legos so I'd stop taking his picture. [I LOVE these! I want to get some for our home.]

Then Guy crawled across a bridge. He almost fell in!

The playing at the library made Guy hungry so we went next door for the lunch buffet at Round Table pizza. Guy's favorite was the chocolate pudding. Side note: I don't let him eat like this. He eats little tiny pieces of food.

We went home for a nap. Then it was time to party. We walked to our friend Krista's to help decorate for a birthday party! We also watched Mermaids while we were over there. Guy thought Christina Ricci was pretty cute! The party started pretty late so we only celebrated with the birthday boy for a little while. We walked back home and Guy fell fast asleep while visions of Spongebob Squarepants danced in his head.

"I'm here for the party! LET ME IN!!!"

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