Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Wardrobe

Me today! The brown tank I found at a yard sale and the shirt and skirt are from thrifting last year.

I remember the shirt was $7! Thrift store shirts shouldn't cost $7! But that's how much I loved it. I don't think I should wear light colors but I really like the shirt on a hanger. It's just a feminine western shirt. I secretly love western stuff.

Shoes and socks are from my mom. My mom really contributes a lot to my wardrobe. Haha. Good thing she has good taste.

This week I went back to Factory-2-U since my first trip there was so exciting. I bought a new purse (my new goal with purses are something I can fit a diaper, a set of plastic keys, and a cheerio in). I'm not sure if I love this purse, but I love bright colors. XOXO purse -$10. Light blue polo tee Arizona - $4. Heart watch - $10.

Lastly and most importantly, here is Guy yesterday. Right now he is napping in his PJs so a picture seems inappropriate.
Guy is such a little stud.
Sunglasses - The Children's Place, T-Shirt - Walgreens, Jeans - Gymboree.

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