Monday, July 6, 2015

New House: Office Area

We usually have a computer desk set up with a desktop on it.  I didn't want to do that again especially with laptop prices now.  A chromebook does all I need (just internet) and they are under $300 so that's what I got.  I went to Staples but they price matched with Amazon.  I had to request it, they just don't automatically make their prices competitive.  I can't say I really respect that.  Anyway I have my little office counter in the kitchen.  When I'm not using it, I can easily put the computer away.  My papers are filed right there on the wall.  It makes it so I won't forget about anything since I have easy access to them.  I have a large file box I keep nearby for reference documents.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New House: Entry

I am still unpacking and moving stuff around but here is my uncluttered entry way.
Somebody move that dog!
I'm not keen on carpet in an entryway so laminate is in my future.  I think I would like to change the front door color someday but right now it's fine.  Most importantly, I desire a bumblebee knocker, despite it's lack of function and probable quarrel with the screen door.

In the corner of my entry way there was a little place that just needed a little something and I had a dresser sitting in the garage with my unpacked boxes.  It fits and it's functional and I think it looks good.  I have a drawer for the dogs stuff, one for Church stuff, one for reusable shopping bags (but maybe those should be in the car?), and some empty drawers for later known uses.  The top surface can be my stuff that goes in and out of the car.  The basket is for the kids' shoes that I find scattered around the house.  For the wall art I found these at a yard sale for $1 each.  I plan to replace them with something more personal somewhere down the road.

Our entry closet is still a little bare but I think that's a good thing.  For our rain boots and umbrellas I am using a 3 Sprouts bin.  I love these!  They are super cute and only $20.  It would make sense to also hang raincoats in the closet.  I should do that.  Up above I have a tote of beach toys that just didn't fit into a dresser drawer.  They are fine here.  I will put the vacuum in here when I figure out where it's hiding.  I just used it to vacuum up a diaper a certain doggie tried to eat so it couldn't have gone too far.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Frozen Hot Chocolate

We are recovering frozen hot chocolate addicts.  There was a coffee cart near our rental home that we had a hard time driving past without craving one.  At $10 a visit it could really add up so it is time to learn to make our own.

I got this $30 blender over the weekend for chopping ice for smoothies and it worked just as great for the frozen hot chocolate.  For four average sized glasses full we used...
4 cups of ice...........................Cost: Free
2 hot cocoa packets................Cost: 50¢
25 ounces of milk . .................Cost: 80¢
It turned out good but not as chocolaty as the coffee carts.  They use cocoa powder so next time I will try that + sugar instead of the hot cocoa mix.  Good way to get in your fluids during the summer in dessert form.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Chocolate Cupcakes

One of Nels' goals for the month was to learn how to make chocolate cupcakes.  He made these average chocolate cupcakes. Although the stand mixers speed goes from off to full blast with a tiny flick so he did fling half the batter across the kitchen.  After that happened he was more concerned about the batter that landed on his shirt than the cupcakes.  The dogs interested peaked when she was allowed in the kitchen to lick the floor.

Despite the cupcake baking, he talked me into stopping for specialty cupcakes the day after.  He ate these.  He ate those.  He just loves cupcakes.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nels the Writer

Nels ran inside yelling "You've got to see this!" Last time he said these words he brought us out to see "a spider attacking a worm" which was in fact a spider spinning a little bug into his little web cocoon.  Very cool!  I should have knew right away this was going to be cool, but I pushed him off a couple of times before I finally went to see.  He wrote "Oso" in sidewalk chalk all by himself.  He can copy words but this is the first one he's written with no help.  Pretty impressive! I wanted to take his picture but while I went to grab the camera he couldn't decide which side of "Oso" he wanted to stand on for the photo and walked over it enough to pretty much erase it.  It's there.  I know I saw it.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Summer Schooling Corner

I was able to use the dining room corner for workbook storage.  I found the plastic bins at Staples and already broke two of them so I might adding some sophisticated duct tape later.  Each kid has a bin for their workbook and their summer reading logs.  We also added a white board for daily events and goals.  I have the kids work at the dining room table.  At this moment they were listening to books on which Guy's school gives us access to.  It's pretty neat to have access to lots more books plus I'm happy to get a little break.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Famous Cookies

At the grocery store I let the kids each pick out something.  Nels wanted these "Famous Chocolate Wafers".  I've never heard of them before so I am questioning how famous they are.  They were at the very bottom of the cookie shelf, but not quite in the kid targeted area, more like the "Nobody buys these..." area.  Nels just wanted the pictured cake.

Nels made the cake.  All it took was whipping cream and vanilla.  I was concerned about the lack of sweetener in the whipped cream but mixed with the cookies you couldn't tell.  It was a very delicious, easy, and fun cookies-n-cream cake.  I would have Nels make this again for sure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guy's Day

Yesterday we were able to take some time out for fun.  One of Guy's goals this month was to find the bounce house place in Eugene.  I don't think they have one but we found Get Air, a trampoline park.  He said it is even better!  Nels thought it was fun but he's not ready to discount the bounce houses.

Guy has been asking to try sushi.  I don't like sushi but I have been wanting to make this happen at a place with a sushi belt for novelty reasons.  We found one by accident in the old Schlotzsky's.  I'm sure the space has been other things as well but they don't matter as much to me.  I mean it doesn't matter at all to me.  All I have space for in my heart is Schlotzsky's.  So upon arrival at the sushi place, I am sad about the loss of Schlotzsky's and Nels is immediately disappointed in their lack of "Slushies".  I guess he thought we all had a speech impediment because I have never called a "slushie" a "sushi" before.  But I will now.  Nels and Daisy take after me and didn't care for the food.  Guy said it was delicious!  But he didn't eat much so it might have been a mental thing.  He didn't care for the weird white stuff on all his food and asked the hostess, not his very embarrassed mother, what is was.  I am talking about rice.  RICE.  I don't know if the trip was a success, but it happened so I'm counting it.
We sat right up front so all our embarrassing comments could be heard by the sushi chefs.  I'm not sure if this was the best of ideas.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday #2

Monday's are just terrible.  I'm very overwhelmed by this...
 Why do we have so much stuff?  I don't think it's quite bothersome when you don't have a two year old spreading everything around and also when you accumulate it over time instead of having to deal with it all at once.  There is so much I want to do but I feel like I can't even begin until I figure out what I am doing with this stuff.

At least I can enjoy the views of our new home without having to be completely unpacked.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Workbooks

We are on a roll with our summer workbooks.  The boys are doing the Summer Bridge books (about $11 each on Amazon).  It's just 2 pages a day so they do try to sneak in extra. It did prompt them to enter their goals for the month and a suggested reading list which we will utilize.

Daisy is doing a Kumon Let's Color book ($6 on Amazon). She is just doing 1 coloring a day.

We have been doing this either with snack time or after lunch.  Haven't quite fine tuned my schedule yet.  After workbook time we have reading time when we work on our library summer reading logs.