Friday, October 21, 2016

October is Alright

October is when newts migrate through our yard.  It's also when our house starts getting giant beetles thumping against the windows.  This is a sign that it's almost time to start hiding indoors.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Musuem Day

This is what happens when I let the little miss dress herself.  I told her she would be cold so her solution is to put on giant socks.
She loves going to the planetarium.  We pretty much see the same show every time but she's still enthralled with it.  She is still convinced she is going to Mars someday.

 Most of the games are too old for her but she doesn't care.  She played a computer game for the longest time about how much money you save when you turn off the lights.  She couldn't believe the savings!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Paper Falcon

When Guy was little, like 4ish, he would make all sorts of things out of paper.  My favorite was a paper chair.  It would not hold my weight but it looked totally functional.  Guy still makes some awesome things out of paper like this Angry Bird Millennium Falcon.

Guy Had a Birthday

Guy turned 9 last month. He got to watch cartoons with lil' bro in the morning.  I'm not sure where this rule came from but he says on your birthday you are allowed to watch as much TV as you want.  Sounds okay to me since most people would rather be celebrating than watching TV.

We took cupcakes to school for him to celebrate there and we just had a little family party after school.  As usual the siblings were super excited to give him the things they picked out for him.  Daisy picked out a Gumby and Pokey.  Nels went a sticky hand and whoopy cushion.  Classic Nels.

Guy loved his presents.  He's an excitable guy.

Daisy and me decorated an ice cream cake for him.  We need practice but the Minecraft keychains we put on top won Guy over.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Relaxing Hobbies

I won above puzzle at the library during summer reading.  It's a very nice puzzle and I'd put the specs in right here if I knew them.  Not because I care but because I would like to think there are standard puzzle specs.  Not just the amount of pieces but the cardboard thickness and the photo printing technique.  Anyway, the best thing about doing puzzles at home with pets and kids ruckusing about is getting the chance to yell "STOP running through my puzzle/throwing puzzle pieces/chewing on puzzle pieces/attaching My Little Pony puzzle pieces to this puzzle BECAUSE I'M RELAXING WITH A PUZZLE NOW!"  It's best to say this in your angriest of voices.  The good thing about this is I have one child trained to yell these things for me.  Eventually all three will be trained and I can be the one messing up the puzzles.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scary Hikes

 With the boys in school I decided to take Daisy on a wee hike.  She said it was scary AND there was something in her sock that was bothering her AND she didn't want to hold my hand because last time she did that something fell into her sock that was quite a bother
We managed.  The hike was 1.1 miles but it took us over an hour and I was started to think we were on a never ending trail.  Turns out scared 3 year olds with foot discomforts just walk really slow.
We shall see how enthusiastic she is about a hike next week.

Friday, September 9, 2016

School Begins!

First Day!
Nels is in Kinder (Age 5)
Guy is in 3rd Grade (Age 8)
 The first week of school has come to an end.  I've already had close calls with being late.  But I think I'd rate the week a success.  Everyone seems happy about going to school except Daisy who is very upset about being excluded.  She has some hope with starting at Dance School next week.  She practices daily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Space Kids

Space Exhibit @ OMSI

Daisy puts her astronaut baby in the Kitchen of the ISS.  Her baby is looking for a hot sauce packet to eat.

 Kids are ready.  Daisy said she wants to go to Mars.  I'm not going to sign her up yet because I don't think she understands the time commitment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Book Time

Daisy chose an interesting book.  The best part about it is the computer has no spell check so she has to ask me how to spell certain words.  Some words like "sfbajkhfbv adghjk" she already knows how to spell.

Scandinavian Dancing

The kids danced in a Scandinavian Festival.  Nels has a Swedish name so it seems fitting.
If we do it again next year I'll be more motivated with costumes and such.  This year was confusing for me.

 Kids require lots of ice cream and snacks so their costumes got kind of messy.

Daisy and her dance partner compare dresses.

I let the kids each pick out something at the festival.  Nels went into a toy store and picked out Minecraft toys.  Guy said it wasn't fair because Nels didn't get it from a vendor.  Why wasn't there a Minecraft vendor?! It fits the theme.  Someone should put in a Minecraft booth.