Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

I made corned beef and cabbage yesterday.  It is fun to coax children into getting their yearly fill of steamed cabbage in one night.  I think just looking at it was satisfactory to my kids.  They enjoyed their corned beef and green jell-o so that was a welcoming surprise.

McMenamins Passport

Since I'm in Oregon now I am going to try to be a local. I'll go to McMenamins. I don't like alcohol and I haul children with me everywhere but I LOVE RUBBER STAMPS! So let's see how this goes.

My passport...

I got my Corvallis Pub stamp.My first stamp!

The kids drank Shirley Temples. They insisted they loved them but nobody finished. What to trust?

I tried Pomegranate Cider which I found agreeable. I also got my second stamp which I find very happy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daisy Makes a Trade

Miss Daisy had a little trampoline she wasn't using.  I used it once to my stub my toe.  She took it in to the consignment shop and was able to make a trade for this little rocking chair.  She finds this chair more useful as she prefer TV over exercise.  Although I am kind of questioning why I even let her bring it home as I can picture myself stubbing my toe on it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 Review

So I got the same stylist to send me my stitch fix box as last month but I didn't see much similarities.  I paid $20 for styling fee and received the following things...

Dante Cut Out Metal Oval Layered Necklace by Bancroft $32
I didn't love it and I'm not really a jewelry person so I can pass with zero regret.

Evella Boatneck Top by Market & Spruce $64
This was my favorite thing that was sent but I decided if I kept it I would cut off the fake shirt tail things and then I realized if I have to do that to a sixty dollar shirt, it's the wrong shirt.

Patrick Cropped Chino Pants by Level 99 $64
My stylist said these pink pants would give a pop of color.  ???  They are not pink and they are quite dull.  Not me at all.

Madden Mixed Material Top by Le Lis $38
I like the pattern on the back but the cut of this shirt reminded me of a manta ray trying to play football.   Don't want it.

 Kendra Knit Top by Skies are Blue $64
My stylist sounded excited about this shirt because I have a similar shirt pinned.  But I just don't like white and off-white for one.  I'm a slob and I stain stuff. 

I returned everything.  Better luck next time.

I am still enjoying everything from my last Stitch Fix except for the one shirt I didn't like.  I ended up giving that one the thrift shop.

On Our Own

Dads been away for work for the past week and it's felt a lot longer than that!  But we are getting by, maybe.

Daisy's been able to forage for her own breakfasts.

She needs lots of sugar for all the cleaning she has to keep up with.

Guy has been keeping busy with Legos and Lego video games.  I think this is suppose to be Iron Man saving someone.  He told me to take a picture and send it to Lego magazine but I'd have to get the picture printed first.

Nels has enjoyed a Kindle app about dressing up a woman and going on dates.  He is learning a lot about makeup application and he did weep a little when he couldn't afford his ideal pumps for his up-and-coming wedding.  I hope he finishes that game by the time dad gets home.

He did order a manly bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner the other night. 

I got some food too with my little spaghetti-slurping friend.  I even managed to eat some!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Birthday Girl

Miss Daisy turned 2 years old last week.  The night before her birthday we converted her crib to the toddler bed so she got to wake up being two years old in a big girl bed.  So far there is only a 14% chance she will fall out of the bed.  There is also a 14% chance she will wander out of bed in the middle of the night and find herself lost in a corner.  As for napping there is an absence of that 29% of the time.  She's growing up.
She is reading a book called "Machines At Work".  It is her manliest of books.

For her birthday I let Daisy dress herself.  Unfortunately her first attempt was with the wrong size clothes.  I though she still looked pretty good.

Her second attempt was much better and then we spent the day at the toy store.

Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Time for ice cream cake!  Her cake had tiny ice cream cones on top - it was so cute.  Just like her!

The day after...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Painting the Town

We found some ceramic houses in a yard sale free box and spent an afternoon painting them.  Daisy also painted a window and a wall of the house we live in.  One of the hardest things about renting for me is getting a toddler to stop being adorable...I mean making a mess.

Thankfully it seems all I have to do is look at Daisy and she gets back on task.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wetland Boardwalks

One of my favorite places in Reno is the Swan Lake Nature Area.  It kind of felt like the coast.  Probably because dust would frequently blow into your eyes? 
Anyway, it is still one of my favorite places there.  Even if it was made up up sewage water.  Was it?  It was quiet and pretty and different.  I miss it. 

We found a new board walk in the Corvallis Jackson-Frazier wetlands. Obviously not the same but similar.  It's quiet and pretty and different. 
Guy even exclaimed "This is so much cooler than Reno!" and Daisy managed a sliver in her palm and yelled something I can only assume stood for "This would have never happened in Reno!"

I lived in Reno 9 years and it was too cold and too beige but the sense of loss comes in many forms.  I feel like I gained more than I lost by leaving, but I notice them both.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Nels has been begging to go to school.  I can't find one with an opening in the area I want with the time slots I want for the price I want.  I signed him up at a Church daycare for 4 hours/week.  We call it school.  I don't think he really cares.  He is excited to be there.  I pack him a change of clothes that he is terribly offended by.  He is not going to pee his pants!  "What if you do something messy?  Like paint?"  In the car on the way home, he dumped out all of his backpack and yelled "I didn't do anything messy!  I said I don't need these!"  They grow up to be stubborn grouches so fast...

I am enjoying my free time with Daisy.  We went for a hike and did our grocery shopping.  Daisy is an enthusiastic little toddler.

Monday, January 19, 2015

800% Mark-Up

At the Chuck E. Cheese in Reno it cost 25¢ to use one of these things.  It costs $2 at a pizza place here.  That seems a little steep.  I kind of miss our old Chuck E. Cheese.  Maybe I just spent a lot of time there.  It was my favorite weekday morning hang out spot.  It was usually empty.  I like empty places but I guess I shouldn't wish for businesses to be empty all the time.