Tuesday, April 3, 2018

St. Louis - Finally

I've wanted to go to St. Louis for many, many years. When people asked "Where's your dream vacation spot?"  St. Louis.  "If you could have a free trip anywhere in the world, where'd you go?"  St. Louis.  I made it to St. Louis for my 35th birthday!  And when I'd tell people about my trip, I get "Oh, you from there?" No. "Family there?"  No.  "Visiting friends?" No.  "Uhhhh..."  SIGHT SEEING BECAUSE IT'S FANTASTIC ST. LOUIS!

We flew there, because it's far.  Kids did great on the plane thanks to some Kindles and lollipops.  I did great on the plane thanks to Deep Space Nine and some cookies.  I took earbuds for packing reasons and never again.  I hate earbuds.  Gimme cushy headphones.

 So the big attraction in St. Louis is, of course, the arch.  I enjoy a good engineering marvel so traveling to the top of the arch was on my list.

Here's me on a Mississippi riverboat enjoying dorky tourist life.

The arch was much taller than I expected.  It must have been a crazy thing to build.  I bought a book about arch construction because I couldn't figure out how they had a crane that tall.  Well, obviously, you say, they attached their crane onto the arch pieces they had already installed.  Yes, you are right.  But I couldn't come up with that on my own.  Which is why I did so bad in engineering school.

So we took the little tram to the top of the arch.  The top of the arch was crowded.  It is not typically crowded, I hear.  So on my first visit to a small space, very high in the sky, I got thrown into an angry mob of people yelling about how no one is letting them down and that I'll be trapped for hours. It caused me to feel panicked.  And it's hard to have fun and panic at the same time.  I was super worried about kids needing to use the bathroom.  I didn't ask if they had an emergency bucket up there.  Something to look into next time.  Will ease the nerves.

Daisy in the arch pod.

The thing that first attracted me to St. Louis was the City Museum.   It's just a hodgepodge of art and engineering.  And we made it.  I was sick this day.  So I didn't see it all, but even if I was well I can't make a promise I would have for it is a maze.  The rooftop is only open in summer and the outside is only open in good weather so both were closed.  And that's ok.  I am in my mid-thirties now.  I can just look.  I don't need to be crawling around.  I need to be watching shoelaces get made and I did!

Daisy wanted her picture with this cute sculpture.  It was amazing how much art and found objects were around.  I'm sure I missed bunches of it, but everything I saw was really odd and impressive.

There are so many tunnels and slides all over this place.  You'd see little holes in the ground or little cracks in the walls and think nothing of it until a kid popped out of it.  How'd you fit in there?!  And where does it go?!  It would be a great place to run around without old, slow grown-ups but not this visit for my kids.

 Aside from the Arch and the City Museum, we were just there to wander.  We went on a tour bus that I enjoyed immensely in my old age.  We played at the downtown parks. 

Nels danced his way through St. Louis. AND found $5 under a table.  He was sooooooo excited and then he bought a bag of gummy Smurfs at the airport.  Took all his money.  He said it was totally worth it.

And then we headed back home.  We used public transit for everything to get the full St. Louis hobo experience. Done!  I would go back but it's not a need. I got more cities to explore.  I'm looking at you, Omaha.

Feeling Settled

We've been in our new home for not quite three months and I'm feeling settled.  All boxes are unpacked (I think that's record time for me), everything has a home area but there is still some organizational issues to be addressed.  We are walking distance from a lot and I'm getting used to it.  I'm also adapting to a 5 minute errand vs. the 50 minute errand.  I was hoping I'd never get used to it but unfortunately I think I will.  Hopefully I just keep reminding myself how great it is.  I love the new house.  It's super cute and easy to clean, so I guess the word I'm looking for is "small".  I haven't really spent any time in the backyard so maybe in the summer I'll be more into that.

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Working Woman

I have had a job since May.  It's part-time.  Very part-time.  I put out greeting cards at stores and I like it a lot.  I felt like a needed a new hobby, but one that didn't cost money.  Plus with the kids being in school I need to start doing more.  I have a couple volunteer jobs I do at the school too.  I might just have to find a full-time job someday.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Paper Mario

My oldest (10 years old) is always making stuff out of paper.  Has since he was 3 years old.  It's paid off because he makes stuff like this on a whim.  I don't know what to do with it, but hey, it's pretty darn cool.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I got this for Christmas. 
Well I got myself a Popple stuffed animal that was super cute.  My daughter loved it so much she traded me this penguin for it.  And then... the watch. Black hands on a black face.  No numbers or marks.  What is this for?! I'm just going to wear it and yell "No idea!" when asked for the time.

"Everything must be black, like the storm of justice." -The Drizzle
Everything must be black, like the storm of justice! 
Everything must be black, like the storm of justice.

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year: 2018

I want to write more and New Year's Day is a good day to start anything.  I just don't know what to write about.  I'll figure it out a I go, I suppose.

Good bye country driveway.

2017 brought many changes.  Most notably selling our home and becoming pet-free.  We are in the process of buying a new place in the downtown area of a town.  I am excited for that.  Until then we have some friends who took us in.  We are living in a small space and it totally works.  It works until there is too much stuff.  Down with stuff!  I know, I'll write about all the stuff I want to cram into my tiny space...

#1.  A new keyboard.  Someone got peanut butter on the keyboard and I pulled keys off to clean them and the space bar is not working correctly.  It works actually, you just have to pound on it for awhile.  I guess I don't need to get a new one.  I can live like this.  Or I can fix it.  Never mind, I just fixed it.  The little metal pieces on the bottom were bent the wrong way. 

#2.  Now that I don't need a keyboard... no idea what else I want.  I'll think about it.

So what will 2018 bring besides a want for undiscovered stuff?  New house, new organization, new routines... I want to make sure I read and play games and ride my bike.  I want to go to St. Louis.  Who knows if it'll happen.  I will try like I have tried to get to Legoland. And never did.  I will keep on trying.     

Here's to having an adventurous but calm and mildly predictable 2018.

Monday, October 2, 2017

It's October!

October is not my favorite month because the weather gets sad.  But it is a good month for gaming.  Last Halloween I replayed Costume Quest so this year I shall replay Costume Quest 2!  And the cycle shall go on.  I remember one year, many years ago, I played Costume Quest on Halloween with my curtains open and every light on in the house.  Kids were going to see!  They would be like "This lady loves Halloween! I bet she gives out giant candy bars!"  And they would be right... if kids actually existed in that neighborhood.  Someday I will live in a trick-or-treating path.  Someday.

I ordered the book!  This came out in 2014 and I have never read it.  Three years of Halloween traditions wasted!  I'll make up for it.

Friday, June 2, 2017

8 Years Ago

Miss Lucy was here eight years ago.  It seems far away but at the same time, it doesn't.  I guess so much has happened since then.  I still get sad and sick over thinking about her but who wouldn't?

What Daisy Bought

Daisy lent her talents to a university study for $10.  We went to the thrift shop for her to spend her easily earned money.  She wanted to try on all the clothes.  Eventually she picked out this dress and some fancy necklaces.  We were shopping for a shelf to store her Red Rose tea figure collection, but she found a fancy silver tray she wanted to put them on instead.  Works for me.  Lastly, she picked out some Minecraft toys.  She waited for the boys to get home from school and then she waved them in their faces while saying "Ooooooh boys! Look what I got!"  And she got very popular for the day.  I'm pretty sure she planned that.  Plus they can't exclude her from Minecraft playing now when she brings her own toys.  We had $2 left over to buy donuts and they were delicious.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

An Enchanted Afternoon

I took the Little Miss to Enchanted Forest before the summer crowds.  I gave her a heads up and had her look at some pictures before we went.  A CANDY HOUSE?!  What's inside?  Oh.. just a witch cooking up some children...maybe I'm hyping this place up. I'm not even going to show you the picture of the witch you have to walk inside of.

Our first stop was Humpty Dumpty (auto correct is telling me to write Humphrey Dumpy, I like it.)  What I like about only taking one kid to Enchanted Forest is you actually get to read all the nursery rhymes. I don't know what it is about taking more, but they run. Stampede, really.

Daisy actually did not want to go in a lot of things because they were dark/scary.  I did force her to do some, like the Seven Dwarves Mine, because it's the best.  After I saw some other parents force their kids to do stuff I realized how mean it looked though.  It didn't feel mean when I was forcing a child screaming "NO PLEEASE!!" into a dark, scary place she obviously didn't feel comfortable with.  I knew it was safe.  But I don't want her to hate The Enchanted Forest.  So I stopped pushing.  Except when she went down the slide 20+ times, I helped push when she told me I had to ride with her.

 We went on the log ride.  Daisy loved it.  Wanted to go again.  But Mom is too cheap.

 I let Daisy ride one kids ride.  She picked the bumper boats.  I stared at my phone while she was yellling "I'm all done! I want out!"  The attendant wasn't paying attention either, or most likely had no idea what she was saying.  I knew.  I just wanted her to stay in the boat.

 We enjoyed Western Town which was a teeny bit scary but the bouncy hallway was pretty darn great. European Village was also a little scary but the light show was pretty great.  Daisy had popcorn.  It was some of the best popcorn Daisy ever had.  She might say that about every popcorn that is covered in butter.

We rate this trip a success.