Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Aloe is Sad

I used to raise aloe vera in Reno.  It was an accidental thing.  They just kept having cute little pups. When we moved I only took this little grandbaby aloe.  She has survived many adventures but lately is looking rather sad.  She has too many kids in too small of a house.  After we move I intent to get her into a bigger house so for today I was just kicking the kids out.  I put them in my son's planter.  He likes taking care of little non-human babies so I think he'll welcome them.

Monday, May 11, 2015

We're a Baby Doll Family

I never expected to have my home littered with baby dolls.  I expected the Legos and the matchbox cars and eventually, hopefully the Calico Critters.  I thought we could just not do the baby dolls because I don't like them.  It doesn't matter what I like.  Miss Daisy has decided baby dolls are the best toys.  You can hug them...discipline them...chew on their ears.  With her love of the dolls I am starting to find the cuteness in them.  It's cute to see her taking care of someone else.

Friday, May 8, 2015


I caught Miss Daisy running away from home.  She left her shoes but took her superhero mask.  I can only assume she expected to fly out of here.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Missing Flatware

While I was organizing my kitchen back in January I went ahead and picked out a silverware pattern I eventually wanted to purchase.  $2.50/utensil.  I haven't ordered them yet and I'm glad I waited.  Someone recently stole some of our flatware. I'm not pointing fingers but we have a 2 year old in the house. If I had matching flatware I would be mad/sad/far from glad right now.  I was able to replace the missing utensils easily at Goodwill, for 29¢ each.  If I find any of these being used to dig in the backyard I'll happily say "Keep it! I know where to get more."

Monday, May 4, 2015

Home Bound...

Last week we started the home buying process.  I am eager to get moving, organizing and decorating but I have a month of sitting around.  In the next month I could easily anxiously pace around but I think I will get my scrapbooks up to date and purge my supplies so I won't have that burden after I move.  We are also doing swim lessons and winding up the school year.  Plenty to keep busy with.

Friday, April 24, 2015

More Napkins...

To continue on my sewing course I need to buy more fabric but I feel like I really need to use up what I have first.  So time to make more napkins...

The sewing course said to get a rotary cutter and mat.  I had one at some point and never really used it so I donated it.  I bought a second one because I'm wasteful like that.  I guess I never realized what to use it for before.  It made cutting out napkins quick and accurate.  Now they will all be the same size!

I don't like how most cloth napkins are not absorbent at all so I did one size a gauzy material just to see if it works better.  I have a feeling it's not going to hold up great but only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No TV, No Problem

I said "No TV!" and then I was asked... How about the computer? The kindle? Your phone? Then finally "What am I suppose to do?!"  Those boys need to pay attention to little sis.  She will pull up a chair to the most TV-like thing in the house.

Monday, April 20, 2015

9th Zipin' Anniversary

 We will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this week.  Over the weekend we were able to drop the kiddos off with the grandparents and go zip-lining and fine dining in Astoria.  I've been wanting to go zip-lining for awhile and was super excited to go.  It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  Phew!  I'm glad to have gone and now the boys really want to go.  Uh-oh.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Centralia Stamps

While we were up at Great Wolf Lodge I wanted to get my McMenamin's birthday stamp so we were able to make a quick trip to Centralia.  Now I have all my Centralia stamps, just need to go to Olympia to complete that block. Nels helped me earn my game stamp with some Elvis pinball.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sewing Class

I got an email about an online sewing class from A Beautiful Mess.  I don't know if I need it but but I signed up.  I need something to distract myself from the endless house hunt besides scrapbooking.  I can only do that for so long before I realize that it's futile and I'll never catch up.

Project #1 is to make a fabric garland.  I made one, hung it up, and Nels jumped around and thanked me for decorating for his birthday.  Oh.  Yes.  That's what is it!  Happy Birthday!

I had 1/2 yard of fabric leftover.  Daisy thought it would be great for a napping blanket.

But, I went with the birthday theme and made Nels some special birthday napkins we will use with his cake. This fabric is actually pretty perfect because he is obsessed with ladybugs.  Only the red ones.  Once he woke up and saw an orange ladybug trying to bite his finger...or so he says.  He wasn't wearing his glasses when it happened.